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London based MTV chose Heathrow Sound Hire to provide on set sound monitoring for for the 'Summer Special' of hit reality TV show Geordie Shore.

We supplied 4 x D&B Audiotechnik E3 speakers powered by D12 amplifiers whcih provided the in house band with ample clear sound during filming.


Earlier this month, we were called upon by UK support services provider Carrillion via Speedy Services to provide sound reinforcement at London Heathrow Airport.

With the installed PA system not working and the threat of imminent strike by public service workers, we were asked to provide a pa system for announcements to be made in the pre-immigration and international baggage hall reclaim areas to keep passengers up to date with delays etc.

We supplied a distributed 8 speaker system  powered from a single PowersoftK6 amplifier with an XTAdp226 controller looking after limiting.

We supplied 4 Trantec wireless radio microphones and a Soundcraft mixer to control levels and eq.

The system is to be left in place for the foreseeable future.

Heathrows' Riverside Conference Venue tasked us supplying PA and AV equipment for their first conference event.

Their client was the worlds fourth largest cigarette company, Imperial Tobacco.

With over 200 delegates expected to be in attendance and seated 'Cabaret style' at tables, we decided to specify 4 x D&B Audiotechnik E3 speakers powered by D&B epac amplifiers. This gave an evenly distributed, highly intelligible sound across the whole room.

Sennheiser ew900-945 radio microphones were used for the presenters.

An 8x6 Fastfold screen with an NEC projector provided a large enough display area for laptop based presentaions whilst not being 'too big' for the room


We have recently taken delivery of D&B Audiotechnik E3 speaker cabinets. The E3 is famous throughout the theatre and conference world for its compact footprint but amazing clarity and volume.

If you are looking to hire a D&B system  (e3, e9, c7, q1) for your event, conference or seminar in the Heathrow or London area, then look no further than us.

We shall shortly be adding the D&B Q1 line array to our Hire stock too!

Heathrow Sound Hire were called upon to supply sound equipment and crew to The West London Show. Britains Got Talent runners up Signature and X - Factor finalists FYD headlined the show with along with a host of local talent.

Held in Harrow over 2 nights at the renowned Byron Hall, we supplied 6 x Void Acoustics Arcline X subs along with 6 x Arcline 6 mid / top cabs. These were all powered by Powersoft K series amps (2 x K8 and 2 X K6). A yamaha M7cl 48 channel desk took care of Front of House Mixing duties. 5 x AP wedge monitors powered by Lab Gruppen amps were mixed from Front of House.

We also hired 6 x channel 38 Sennheiser em500 g3 - 945 radio mics along with some Shure sm58 and Beta 58's

Instrument mics included Shure sm57's, Sennheiser E604's and Shure Beta 52.


Heathrow Sound Hire are happy to have supplied Londons Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships (TCCR) with an update their current audio system.

We spec'd and supplied 4 ways of channel 70 Sennheiser radio mics as well as a 10 channel Yamaha mixer to control their Video conferencing system as well as PC's, Laptops and DVD players.